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Automated video image processing

Application for automated video image processing, optimizes home- and other videos and converts formats! View full description

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Application for automated video image processing, optimizes home- and other videos and converts formats!

Videomizer Highlights

Automatic object recognition: manipulates only those frame parts, which help optimize the overall impression! Fully automatic re-adjustment of tonality, re-sharpening and contrast optimization! Touching-up of images through higher definition and re-sharpening of matt colours! Fully automatic system for hue control and saturation, white balance and bright/dark correction. Elimination of fog and other weather influences and undesired colour casts. Adjustment options for resolution, bit rate and frame rate as well as audio attributes (channels, bit rate, sample rate) Picture size optimization to eliminate black bars, among others Stretch and Pan & Scan High-quality scaling filters, among them Lanczos and the extremely efficient ODU Video cut and real time preview (dual view for direct comparison) Supported input formats: DVD-Video, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, TS and more Supported output formats: AVI, MPG, MP4 and WMV, among others with profiles for iPod, iPad, Android, PlayStation Portable and other devices. Fully automatic batch mode for automated manipulation of several videos in a row! Additional option for manual optimization! The HDR-simulator helps to create amazingly HDR-similar modifications. HDR is known from photography and serves for creating high dynamic range images. You require, however, three images of the same subject with three different exposures. The VideoMizer creates a similar effect for your videos although it has to do with just one image per unit of time. The scaling optimization, another distinctive feature of the program, guarantees that your videos are most efficiently shown on a certain display. If for example you have a portable media player like the Apple iPod, your videos are automatically adjusted to its display attributes for full screen mode - without disturbing black bars!

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Videomizer 2 - Optimize, Stabilize, Convert

Even professionals have difficulty in producing really perfect videos - which may be one of the reasons why seasoned video freaks sometimes refer to Videomizer 2 for their private collection. Understandably enough, as the "little" Videomizer 2 often not just achieves more than many of the "big brothers" of video editing promise in name only. Thanks to automatic profiles it also saves a lot of time for optimizing, stabilizing and finally converting movies and home videos.


Videomizer 2 knows the pitfalls of digital recording like hardly any other, the kinks and failures of memory chips as well as the errors during digitalization of older Super-8 and VHS films and videos - and tackles them with the latest software technology. Too dark is then a thing of the past, just like too bright, too low or high in contrast, too blurred, too faint or too colorful.


Videomizer 2 stabilizes blurred videos and removes undesired sideward- or other camera movements, thus saving lost videos for lots of family evenings to come.


Videomizer converts videos to a large number of formats.

Videomizer 2 is intended for users who want to optimize videos in colour or contrast, to stabilize blurred and fuzzy videos or to convert the video file into another format. As the software is easy and clear structured, everybody can work with it.

Videomizer 2


Videomizer 2 2